The Magical World of the Oud:
A Musical Tour

The musician and composer Faleh Khaless is a master of the oud. His solo program focuses on Arabic and oriental musical traditions, which he enriches with virtuoso improvisations, sound effects and advanced techniques. His urge for new experiences led him to France, Germany and other European countries, where he met numerous musicians from a broad range of genres whose influences he skillfully integrated into his performance. Among other instruments, he uses a unique oud that was developed by him to represent this musical diversity.

Faleh Khaless aims to provide a clear view of the beauty, virtuosity and musical richness of the geographical region from Morocco to the Balkans. New combinations of plucked strings and oriental rhythms yield sophisticated and fascinating interpretations. Through powerful sound patterns, he draws an extraordinary arc of suspense for the audience.

In addition to works from his award-winning CD „Washma“, he presents Berber music from Tunisia and Morocco. He plays various country-specific ouds and a loutar (a traditional Moroccan instrument) and overcomes musical, ethnic and religious borders with virtuosity. Old melodies and rhythms awaken dream images – culminating in a very special musical experience!