Ensemble Santiago

The musicians of the Santiago ensemble bring the sounds of Spanish music of the Renaissance and Baroque times to life with their virtuous playing. They play music of Mediterranean tradition and melodies from Latin America with dynamic power. Faleh Khaless takes the audience into the magical world of Arabic music with his virtuoso oud playing. 

The CD „Meeting Points“, recorded by the ensemble in 2015, presents works from the Mediterranean and Latin America. With his virtuoso and sensitive playing of the oud and the finely tuned emotions of Arabic music, Faleh gives Latin American music a very special touch. Together, united by a broad stylistic horizon, the musicians cross boundaries and play passionate tunes.

Musicians, left to right: Faleh Khaless (Oud), Katharina Fendel (flute), Christoph Oppenheimer (percussion), Annika Rink (vocals, guitar), Johannes Treml (guitar)