Album: Meeting Points
Meeting Points

The Album is the breath of strings and flute where the percussion structures and tempos invent an exuberant music. The quartet quickly formed a musical bond that challenged genre limitations and sought to push the traditional limits of both their instruments and cultural backgrounds. The four artists are launching their Album that will surely provide many emotions. In this album an exceptional generation of musicians who are inspiring a change in cultural perceptions through music. Give it a listen, be assured, you will have never heard this before.

Band Member Credits:

Katharina Fendel (Flute)

Johannes Treml (Guitar)

Faleh Khaless (Oud)

Christoph Oppenheimer (Percussion)


Michal Bandac (Voice)

Stefan Koch (Baritonsaxophon)

Production Credit:

Recorded and engineered at TONBOX Studios by Ito Grabosch - Rossdorf, Germany

Assisted by Johannes Treml.

Trio Santiago Featuring Faleh khaless

Meeting Points

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